Ready Mixed Concrete Ordering Guide

Ready Mixed Concrete Ordering Guide

​Turkish Ready Mix Concrete Association published a guide on “Order Guide for Ready Mixed Concrete “ in Turkish on 4 January 2021.

67 million m³​ ready mixed concrete was produced in Turkey, according to 2019 annual data. In consideration of the prediction that a truck mixer carries 8 to 10 m³​ ready mixed concrete on average, it appears that delivery of approximately 7,5 million pieces of product takes place in the sector during a year. It is very important for both producers and customers to execute such a substantial organization without errors as much as possible and in the best efficient manner.

Approximately 95% of the buildings in our country are constructed in the form of reinforced concrete structures and ready mixed concrete is used in them. Performance expected from concrete is also affected by applications on worksites, environmental conditions, and labor. Thus, there are numerous important issues to which both producers and users must pay attention in ordering ready mixed concrete.

Even if ordering of ready mixed concrete looks like a simple process in a business plan, it requires particular knowledge and organization skills.

Following the determination of all the properties of the concrete, which will be used in a project, by the respective designer and the issuer of the respective specifications, all such data must be included in the “bidding specifications” in the discussions to be held with the ready mixed concrete producer. On this stage, the suggestions of the ready mixed concrete producer must also be assessed. This way, a more transparent bidding process is managed and the producer will not encounter any surprise subsequently.

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