1) The 38th General Assembly of Turkish Precast Concrete Association was held on 11th of June, 2022 in Ankara.  

2) Turkish Precast Concrete Association has continued activities of newly introduced education&training platform, called “Precast Academi”.  The online education activities was first started at September 2021 in collaboration with Istanbul Technical University and further continued with the co-operative prepared course program with Bogazici University. The succesfull participants have received their certificates.  

3) Through the implementation of the first module education program and its repetition (8 weeks each, 34 hrs total), 126 civil engineers within the precast concrete sector received information about the advanced desisn matters of precast concrete buildings. “The Design Considerations of Prestressed and Posttensioned Concrete Structures” was the second module of the education program. It was started in April 2022 and was continued for 8 weeks.  

4) The third module course program within Precast Academy was “Precast Concrete for Architects” and was initiated in May 2022 and finalized at early June 2022.  

5) Turkish Precast Concrete Association has continued information campaign activities at 5 different social media platforms through the short video film screenings. The films are about the precast concrete sector and TSE K 118 Certificate which deals with quality and standardization checks of precast concrete products.