Our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Tamer Saka was a guest on NTV Passport Program

Our Chairman of the Board, Dr. Tamer Saka was a guest on NTV Passport Program

In the Passport program, which was broadcast on Friday, February 5, and on Climate Change, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Tamer Saka was the guest.

Saka, who was a guest in the program presented by Mete Çubukçu, gave information about the position of the cement sector on Climate Change, EU Green Agreement and Carbon Mechanism at the Border.

Joke; “There has been a rapid development regarding the green framework targeting the year 2050. Therefore, Turkey desperately needs a policy approach that will reveal its position on the basis of sectors. I can say that the studies on this subject have started in the sectors.” said.

Expressing that European manufacturers aiming to be carbon neutral with their carbon capture/storage investments, are also working to take into account the natural absorption of carbon dioxide emissions by concrete, Saka said, “With the carbon pricing that came into effect in 2009, European manufacturers were granted a certain free allocation right. Producers created additional income by selling some of these allowances. Now that the transition to the Phase 4 Emissions Trading system will begin in Europe, they want the "Border Carbon Tax" system to be introduced on imports. On the other hand, we emphasize that these methods will not bring success and that European and Turkish manufacturers should cooperate. We propose a business model in which European and Turkish manufacturers work together.” he said.

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