Leading Business World Organizations Joined Their Forces for “Earthquake Preparedness Roadmap”.

Leading Business World Organizations Joined Their Forces for “Earthquake Preparedness Roadmap”.

Turkey's leading non-governmental organizations, which came together under the leadership of the Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association (TÇMB), join forces to prepare the "Turkey Earthquake Preparedness Roadmap". Speaking at the first online meeting under the leadership of TÇMB, TÇMB Chairman of the Board Dr. Tamer Saka shared the Turkey Earthquake Preparedness Roadmap, which is aimed to be implemented together with 22 NGOs, with the participants.

Dr. Tamer Saka made a statement at the online meeting, “Our primary goal is to support the work of public authorities on earthquakes. As NGOs, we think that we can take a load off them at certain points in areas where we can take responsibility. As a matter of fact, we see that other valuable non-governmental organizations have also started studies for this purpose. We are very pleased with this and fully support each valuable work. Our aim is to be instrumental in making the maximum contribution from these valuable studies to our country. We are ready to cooperate with them in all their work on this issue.” Dr. Tamer Saka said in his speech:
“We are heartbroken by the sights we see after each earthquake. As a country, we don't deserve this. By showing our support, we can make things different. It is possible to foresee that the larger our community, the greater our impact will be. The most important achievement in this project will be to raise public awareness to the highest level and to keep this awareness alive. There is much to be done in the short, medium and long term. Renovation cost of 6.5 million apartments. Issues such as who will meet this, unfortunately, result in deadlock. What kind of financing model can we take a step on this issue with the cooperation of the public-private sector and undertake this burden? Our aim is to gather all the non-governmental organizations' previous, current or future studies and applicable suggestions on every issue regarding the earthquake under a single roof with a short, medium and long-term perspective, to make a report, to follow up, and to share them with the public at certain periods.“

Here are some examples of our Non-Governmental Organizations that Provide Support Messages at the Civil Initiative Meeting:

TOBB Board Member Hakan Ülken said that as TOBB, they are ready to support the project initiated by TÇMB until the end.

Batu Aksoy, Member of the Board of TÜSİAD, said, “We are working on different sectors, including development. We are in serious cooperation with Turkonfed. As TÜSİAD, we also work with different institutions and organizations such as İBB. We are talking among ourselves about setting up a disaster preparedness task force. I attach importance to coordination between NGOs and to avoid duplication. As TÜSİAD, we support your activities.”

TÜRKKONFED Chairman of the Board Orhan Turan said, “We think that problems such as disasters can be solved through inclusive cooperation. As Türkonfed, we are trying to prepare institutions in Turkey for disasters. We work for the resilience of the private sector against disasters and emergencies. We support this work initiated under the leadership of TÇMB in this regard.”

Mehmet Kalyoncu, President of GYODER, said: “I think that the legislation on urban transformation is sufficient. This is our advantage.
The public-private sector cooperation model is very important within the scope of urban transformation. There are so many stakeholders here. Here we have to cooperate with great unity. We are happy to assist and contribute to this initiative.”

Ferdi Erdogan, Deputy Chairman of Turkey IMSAD, said: “95 percent of Turkey is an earthquake zone. In such a region, I think the biggest shame is the debate about the 7.5 magnitude earthquake resistance of the residences. The right place, the right project and the right application, and most importantly, very strict control are a must. You can build rotten buildings even using very good materials. It is stolen from information, not from material, and we will give our best support to this work of TÇMB in order to do things properly without stealing information.”

Mithat Yenigün, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Contractors Association, said: “First of all, I congratulate you. We should always keep this issue on the agenda. You know, we started to work on the earthquake. Your work is more comprehensive, all organizations are represented here, we will also participate in this platform.”

The NGOs that support the Turkey Earthquake Roadmap are as follows:

Turkish Cement Manufacturers Association, Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Partnership Association, Central Anatolia Exporters Union, Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, Cement Industry Employers' Union, Turkey IMSAD, İntes, Istanbul Builders Association, Turkish Contractors Association, Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association, Aggregate Manufacturers Association, Lime Manufacturers Association, Additive Manufacturers Association, Insurance Association of Turkey, Turkish Prefabricated Association, Turkish Consultants, Engineers and Architects Association, TMMOB Ankara, İstanbul and İzmir Chambers of Architects, Turkish Exporters Assembly, TÜRKONFED, TÜSİAD, Association of Building Inspection Organizations, Building Products Manufacturers Federation.