30 June 2022 TOBB Turkish Cement and Cementious Materials Industry Council meeting was held

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) Turkish Cement and Cementious Materials  Industry Council  meeting was held under the chairmanship of TOBB Board Member Şaban A. Karamehmetoğlu and Council  President Fatih Yücelik with the high-level participation of public, civil society and private sector representatives. TOBB Board Member Şaban A. Karamehmetoğlu made evaluations about the current situation of the sector with the Council Members.

Karamehmetolu spoke about TOBB's efforts to transition to a green and circular economy and stated that they are aware of the significance of the EU green agreement process, which is also closely related to the sector. At this point, Fatih Yücelik, President of the Turkish Cement and Cementious Materials  Industry Council  , stated that more investments in the cement sector with low cost and high efficiency should be made, and that the sector's use of alternative fuels and renewable energy should be increased. Fatih Yücelik, evaluating recent developments in last 3 months , stated that following the Russia-Ukraine crisis, there were problems with coal supply, particularly in the cement sector. Noting that there were significant price increases in electricity, petroleum, imported and domestic lignite in May 2022 compared to May of last year, he stated that these increases pose a challenge to industrialists, given that energy accounts for 80% of cement costs. Fatih Yücelik stated that investments have become necessary, pointing out that both the roadmap and regulations for the European Green Deal, as well as the commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement, obligate the sector to increase the use of alternative fuels and make renewable energy investments.

Participating in the meeting, General Manager of Energy Affairs of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources Dr. Ömer Erdem and Head of Energy Efficiency and Environment Department Dr. Abdullah Buğrahan Karaveli, made evaluations on agenda item “Energy supply security and possible problems” and also Head of Climate Change at the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Orhan Solak, Head of Carbon Markets Department Eyüp Kaan Moralı added  their comments on agenda item “ Current preparations/developments on  Climate law and of National Emission trading System studies ”