08 June 2022 TÜRKÇİMENTO became an associate member of the GCCA (Global Cement & Concrete Association)

The membership of TÜRKMENTO, the Turkish cement industry's umbrella organization, which applied for Associate Membership in December 2021, was approved at the GCCA Board of Directors meeting on June 8, 2022.

GCCA is a 2018 industrial initiative that conducts intensive sustainability studies to reduce the environmental impact of cement production and to support concrete's unique properties as a sustainable, durable, and flexible building material.

TÜRKMENTO CEO Volkan Bozay reminded that the company has been a member of the European Cement Union (CEMBUREAU) since 1972 and provided the following assessment:”TÜRKMENTO has been managing the Turkish cement industry's international relations for many years. Our GCCA membership will strengthen our efforts to meet the needs of our industry and society in accordance with the changing world. We believe that our membership in the GCCA, which works to improve the global positioning of concrete and to achieve a carbon-neutral environment, will make significant contributions to the Turkish cement industry."